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インタビュー/eine oliver twist kooperation(from Germany)
ドイツのeine oliver twist kooperationというバンドにメールインタビューしました。

eine oliver twist kooperation

How did the band start?Please introduce the band.

Long time ago, indeed. Hard to say, how we got together, but let’s try:guess we started as nothing-knowers, non-ability-owners, just interested in wasting bad times. In over a decade we changed personality by changing personnel. Lots of losts, lots of gains, bum-fights and heartly hugs. Only a small core of necessary bandmotors remained. Unfortunately the unnecassary ones make the difference, so we try to spicen up our plain cooking with ability-owners we know. So, the Oliver Twist Kooperation had good times with three guitars, several trumpets, saxophones and female singers. And without them. That’s what the term ‘Kooperation’ is all about.

Is there a band with a good relations?What kind of band are you in your town?

Hard to answer that question, because we don’t have a town. We live spread all over germany. Berlin, Cologne, Wellingen, Saarbr醇・ken, Trier. So it’s
nearly impossible to be part of one of the towns scenes. And we like it that
way. It just makes it difficult for those who write about us to put us in this or that town (and for us to practise).

The origin of band name?
Why did you changed the name??

the Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. social realism and a weak hero.----my mother told us to.

what did you influence? is it the same for all members, are there favourite bands, etc?

No, its not. We like a lot of artists, songwriters, bands, filmmakers, djs or dancers. You won’t get a list. O.k., a small one: it all started with american punk, hardcore and independent music, you can still hear that on the latest record. And there’s a lot of dance-music our ears got used to over the years. Apart from the jingle-jangle tunes we are very keen on art, be it absurd, sad or demanding.

why is 2003-2005(is it just 3 years sound??)??Please tell me eason.

between 2003 and 2005 we were writing these song. and if you put it on
front of your record, it looks kind of important.

Your music has house-hardcore-pop-dance.
where is coming this very special dance-feel??

besides claiming capitalism for being the mankinds biggest failure, we are
possesed by universal groove. its just there when we pluck in our instruments and once in tune, nothing around us is able to stand still again. but dont be afraid: its not religious.

What do you sing about?

Some of the songs deal with the situation of a non-mainstream artist in germany in 2003-2005. By reflecting this subjective view the picture of a weird and absurd society emerges. The perspective changes from song to song, one is individual, another one social, and so on. One line, for example, is: “the earth a black ball”. A little apocalyptic perspective. But the music
is not that way. It’s more like “get up your ass”(if it’s possible). We
don’t like being hopeless.

what is expressed most through your gigs? In what ways do you think your gigs and recordings differ?

for we are known to play exactly what we once recorded, there is no difference between recording and performing. though: nobody sees us, when we record.

What did you buy the records at first time?(first time records for you)

1.the Blinkel Fist the london years 1940-1945
2.Frank Zappa - demo days
3.Sun Ra - live in Wellingen

What is a recent favorite?

we love sleeping in Squads, forever !

Please give the message to Japan.

Hmm. There’s no message to japan. Just one to you: stay happy.
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